What Are Popular Hilux Roof Console Designs

Today, cars are more than just a piece of assembled components that take people from place to place. As the design of cars evolved over the centuries, it has come to represent a sign of luxury and comfort that reflects the preferences of individuals as well as the purpose for which they are used. In other words, cars today are more a personal piece of equipment that represents an individual and his or her love towards life.

Given that the role of cars has changed so much over the years, even if its functionality remains the same, it is no surprise that people prefer to customize their cars with accessories and parts that reflect the individual itself. Many times, these car accessories also help to customize the car to enhance the overall driving experience.

In light of this discussion, an important car accessory that merits a detailed explanation is the Hilux roof console. As the name suggests, these are mounted on the roof of your car and it has many convenient features that make the driving experience smooth and comfortable for the driver as well as the passengers. Further, the Hilux roof console comes in many designs to suit individual needs and preferences and this is what makes these consoles all the more indispensable for modern cars today.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the different Hilux roof console designs based on which you can decide which of them will work perfectly for you.

A List of Popular Hilux Roof Console Designs

Hilux roof consoles come in many shapes and sizes and they also differ in the way they can be mounted on your car’s roof. These designs are what truly make the console highly personalized, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Here is a look at some of the popular Hilux roof consoles available in the market today. But before we go on, it’s important to understand that the design and mount could depend on the manufacturer as well and their imagination. Some of them have even come up with innovative designs to give themselves an edge in the market. So, make your choice after considering these varied aspects.

Full Facia Hilux roof console

As the name suggests, this Hilux roof console covers the entire roof and sits like a box right above the engine and passenger seat. This is a comprehensive roof console because it can contain many convenient controls, storage boxes, radios, and more. At the same time, it is highly accessible for both the driver and passenger and works particularly well for cars that have only two seats and an open area at the back.

Some of the controls or things present in this Hilux roof console are:

  • Radio insets
  • Speakers
  • Microphone
  • Reading lights that can double up as door lights when the doors are opened
  • Storage box for keeping your small things safe

While this may look like a convenient and comprehensive design, it is important to note that this Hilux roof console can be fitted only on vehicles with vertical or near-vertical windscreens as these are the only ones that provide adequate headroom needed to fit this Hilux roof console.

If you can fit it in though, there are many advantages such as stability and ease of use, as the complete facia panel fits perfectly with the roof and aligns well with it to have strong support. As a result, the possibility for the roof console to rattle and fall during off-road travel is greatly reduced. It also helps to keep out the red dust from accumulating on the sides as there is no such opening for the dust to accumulate.

Windscreen Shelf Roof Console

Another type of Hilux roof console is the one that mounts just above your car’s windscreen shelf and as with the previous model, this option is suited only for cars with vertical or near-vertical windscreens that give enough headroom to fit the console.

The main difference between this design and the full facia one is that this design doesn’t have a facia panel that fits the roof. Rather, it has just a small lip to store different items. Obviously, this is not as strong as the full facia model and can rattle when you drive on rough roads and it can also accumulate a lot of red dust because of its open design.

Rear Roof Console

Though this is not a popular mount, it still helps to know that there is a rear roof console that mounts at the rear side of your car. The biggest reason for people to use this console is to mount powerful speakers that face the driver and passenger, so they can get a great volume and excellent listening experience. Some drivers prefer to add rear reading lights to this console as well, to help their passengers sitting at the back to read stuff during long drives.

Deep Profile Center Console

This console mounts right at the center and is designed to help passengers access and control radio, speakers, lights, and other accessories mounted on it. These are mounted at a 90-degree angle to the windscreen and are a popular low-profile Hilux roof console design available today.

It comes with the following advantages.

  • Highly suited for those cars that don’t have enough headroom
  • It can come in many variations such as a flat base and open facia
  • You get to decide what are the controls that should be present in it
  • The small storage box can open both on the driver’s and passenger’s side.
  • These Hilux roof consoles help to mount radios without having to make holes on the console or any other part of the car, for that matter.
  • A convenient storage box lined with vinyl can be fitted, even if it slightly smaller than many other models.

To conclude, there are many models and designs of Hilux roof console that are sold in the market and you can make your choice based on your preferences and needs. The above-mentioned models are just to give you an idea of what to expect, so you can make an informed choice.